Webinar: hoogbegaafdheid & autisme

Over deze avond

Autisme en hoogbegaafdheid kunnen op elkaar lijken maar ook naast elkaar bestaan. Maar hoe zit dat precies? En wat kun je doen om een (hyper)hoogbegaafd kind met een Autisme Spectrum Stoornis goed te begeleiden, thuis en/of op school? Hierover komt dr. Claire Hughes Lynch vertellen, specialist in hoogbegaafdheid en autisme en auteur van meerdere boeken over deze thema’s.

De avond is in het Engels, daarom ook de beschrijving in het Engels:

Finding Joy: Helping a Child to Learn, Love and Live With Giftedness and Autism

In special education, they call it “perseveration”.  In gifted education, it’s “persistence”.  It truly matters only if it creates joy or if it creates fear.  In the literature on autism, there is rarely, if ever, a celebration of strengths, and in the literature on giftedness, there is little discussion about how to help students navigate expectations.  Even in the growing “neurodivergent” movement that celebrates diversity and difference, there is little attention paid to the development of talents.  Children who are gifted with autism face a world that provides different expectations and pressures while parents and teachers often find contradictory advice and recommendations.  This session will describe an integrated approach to navigating between problems and perspectives through the lens of Joy.  Joy can help a teacher or a parent or an individual identify if a behavior is a trouble or a talent, structure or stricture. Different viewpoints and vocabulary will be shared and strategies for learning through joy to help the child develop and adapt to their world, whilst simultaneously changing the world around them.

Over de spreker

Claire E. Hughes-Lynch, Ph.D., has her doctoral degree from the College of William and Mary in the areas of gifted education and special education and is an associate professor of teacher education in the early childhood/special education program at the College of Coastal Georgia.

As a former Visiting Fellow at Oxford University in the area of autism, she researches and publishes in the areas of educational interventions for children with autism, gifted children with disabilities, and inclusive practices. She is the author of Children With High-Functioning Autism: A Parent’s Guide and Teaching Children With High-Functioning Autism. She lives with her husband, two children, two cats, a dog, and a variety of fish on the beach in Georgia, loves to travel, and is absolutely passionate about teaching.

Praktische informatie:

  • 27 oktober, 20 tot ongeveer 21.30 uur (er is geen video beschikbaar na afloop)
  • Voor GGZ-professionals, leerkrachten, IB’ers, andere onderwijsprofessionals, (talent)begeleiders, ouders
  • Locatie: online, je hebt hiervoor geen ingewikkeld programma of webcam nodig (info volgt per mail)
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